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Instant People Finder Launches New Real Time People Search Tool for Instant Access to People and Business Contacts.

Instant People Finder is a brand new people finder tool that searches the country's databases to bring you up to the minute information about the person you are searching for. With just one click, search for friends, relatives, businesses anywhere in the USA, instantly! - Mar 1, 2011 - Instant People Finder today announced the launch of a free people lookup online tool available to everyone that searches for people and related information. In the past, it has often been necessary to go through various companies to be able to take advantage of a people finder facility, but with Instant People Finder, this is now a thing of the past. It aggregates data from various databases such as public records, phone directories, social sites in real time and presents it in structured manner, making the search experience more relevant and user friendly.

There are many reasons why an individual may feel the need to perform a background check on a person. These range from checking out people they may have lost touch with over time or even checking up on a potential date! A detailed background check is the perfect way to find out if the person is who they say they are and gives an insight into their personal degree of honesty.

Instant People Finder offers a simple people search which begins simply by typing in a person's name. The site allows the option of people lookup in the whole of the country or can be narrowed down state by state. The more information available when using this free people lookup site, the better, but even if the only detail available is the person's name, then Instant People Finder can still be a great tool for people search.

The internet provides a wealth of information which Instant People Finder puts to use in its people search. On entering the name of the person, the site immediately searches not only public and government records for matches, but also other internet resources such social networking sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Within seconds the site will have a match according to the information you have entered. It will then display detailed information such as images, age, contact details and even information about relatives. There is also the option of a complete, in-depth background report if so required.

In this day and age, we are all becoming far more aware of how necessary it is to be careful about those we associate with. This free people lookup service can be used for an added layer of security when meeting or engaging in new relationships.

For accuracy, speed and ease of use, Instant People Finder is probably one of the best people finder services available. For many years now, larger companies have understood the value and employed similar people finder searches, but at last this technology is now freely accessible to all. Read more at our blog

Because Instant People Finder is specifically engineered for an Internet search, it can provide a far superior search than a traditional or white pages search. This new high performance search tool is one of the most user friendly and effective ways of locating specific people information and is designed to provide an easy and speedy user experience.

About Instant People Finder
Instant People Finder is a premier real-time online people lookup and people address finder tool. The powerful search engine uses names, background checks, yellow pages, public records and social networking to instantaneously provide relevant and most up-to-date information about anyone. Whether looking for a home or business address, phone number, or email this free people search tool provides comprehensive information, at the click of a mouse.

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