Benefits of

Finding People

In an increasingly transient society keeping in touch has become more and more difficult, which is why makes it easier than ever to search people in an easy to use platform. Whether you are looking for old classmates or just looking for some business locally, has all the information you are looking for.

Finding Old Classmates

Trying to find your old classmates you used to have so much fun and but somehow lost the touch on your way to different directions in life? Sometimes when people lose touch last names change and individuals move from city to city, making it extremely difficult to track a specific person down. can help you connect with them again. Search using their full name, nick name, or even maiden name and find out what they are up to now a days. May be, it's time to give them a call or meet them to pull on those fun tricks again.

Knowing your neighborhood

One priority every parent has to keep his or her children safe. That makes it very important that the people they meet, neighborhood they play is safe. When you are moving to a new location, can help you know better about your neighbors and their background. - if anyone has a criminal record or has been a sex offender. Make sure you take your children to a safer home.

Knowing who you are dealing with

We come across different people in our day-to-day life. From meeting somebody new on a date to having a casual conversation in the elevator to work, when one is not careful about who they are dealing with, it may be a potential security risk to them or their family. is perfect to enhance people's level of personal security and safety via background checks, address history and more.

Verifying Information for business

In business, where most often great money is involved, there are numerous ways to fall into traps due to lack of background check prior to engaging in a business deal. The most common cases are falsification of assets & monetary declarations, forgery and alteration. Use to search public records and information to verify their legitimacy. Simply enter the information about business partner name, or any other relevant facts and know more about them before making final decision to work with them.

Fighting Scams

There are so many scams going on now a days conning innocent people for their hard earned money. helps people in fighting against these crimes. Mostly these scams happen via phone calls. Before giving any information about yourselves, always gather as much information as possible about the caller like First name & last name, address, phone number and Use's people locator service to verify it. If something doesn't match up, get your guards up.